06 January, 2007

Review of the year 2006

Review of year 2006
We successfully achieved first two tasks for year 2006. However we failed to meet four tasks:

3)Medical Camp for free diagnosis: in Talebailu, Ka, India

4)A presentation in local colleges in Sagara, Soraba region on the importance of elctronic media. Initiating activities in student unions that leverage benefits of Internet.

5)An initiative in PDA College, Gulbarga, to create an email group every year so that batch mates can form a network. Ishwar And Abhijeet are expected to get this done.

6)A software application development for Blood banks. The application once developed will be useful in maintaining a Donor database and will inform donors once in every three months. It is expected that this will bring more and more people, who have access to internet, together in reducing the blood shortage.

The reasons are as follows.
3) - Lack of resources
4) - Lack of planning, resource and commitment
5) - This was rejected by volunteers. They have asked us to come up with a more complete idea than just creating an email group.
6) - The work is under way and is delayed due to professional commitments and obligations.

But we have been able to organise few cultural events in keeping our commitments to support cultural development.

7) A Yakshagana singing program was organised.
Singer from Hodabatte Mr Venkata Raya
Pecussionist from Sagar, Mr Raghavendra G E

8) Clasical Gamaka singing from
Gamaki Narahari Sharma was organised.

9) Scholarship was extended to few deserving students.

For PMM Trust (R)
Raghavendra Kattinakere


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