29 June, 2006

Plans For 2006

Plans For 2006

1) Financing sports and games material for;
a)Governament Primary School Talebail, Ka, India
b)Mr Sampath Kumar`s (Governament Primary School), Ka, India
c)Governament Middle School, Nisarani, , Ka, India

2)Scholaships for 3 deserving High School students in Malenad Highschool Induvalli, Ka, India

3)Medical Camp for free diagnosis: in Talebailu, Ka, India

4)A presentation in local colleges in Sagara, Soraba region on the importance of elctronic media. Initiating activities in student unions that leverage benifits of Internet.

5)An initiative in PDA College, Gulbarga, to create an email group every year so that batch mates can form a network.
Ishwar And Abhijeet are expected to get this done.

6)A software application development for Blood banks. The application once developed will be useful in maintaining a Doner database and will inform doners once in every three months. It is expected that this will bring more and more people, who have access to internet, together in reducing the blood shortage.

Followinf people are expected to take up software development.
Mr Abhijeet Auradkar, Software Engineer, Sasken, Bangalore
Mr Ishwar Anand Ganure, Software Engineer, Symphony Services, Bangalore
Mr Raghavendra S Kattinakere, Graduate Fellow, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

We welcome all those who habour interest in all round development, to take part in any of these activities and contribute in their own way.

Note: "We do not seek funding at any stage of our activity. All cost for towards projects will be borne by PMM Trust(R). We do not expect any cost for the 5th activity"

IMPORTANT: We do not give a damn under whos name these things are done. It will be good to have a same banner for all activities as that would give our efforts an identity. It is more important to get all these done than to have an identity.

CFD Research, India